Counselling and Educational Psychologist – Morningside, Johannesburg

Psychologist (PS 0076775)    

I am a Counselling and Educational Psychologist, practicing in the Sandton area.

I am certified in these areas:

  • Heart-centred Hypno-therapy (Wellness Institute)
  • Imago Relationship Therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Sand Play Therapy (completed 2 year intensive Sand Play Therapy training, Founder Dora Kalff)
  • Trained Life Coach

What I Offer:

Both Individual and Group Therapy in the following:

Who do I work with:

  • My focus is on adults and adolescents
  • However, I do have extensive experience working with children

My Approach to Therapy:

I am particularly interested in the patterns that govern one’s behaviour; the instinctual patterns, the inherited patterns as described in the enneagram, and the habits and behaviours developed as a response to environmental factors. I am also fascinated how the mind impacts the body. I believe that the body has its’ own consciousness, and plays a significant role in determining one’s behaviour (as neuroscience now indicates).  I therefore consider it important to work with the body and mind, hence the use of hypno-therapy, tapping, EMDR, leadership embodiment, and NLP.

Furthermore, I believe that it is impossible to separate mind, body and spirit, and therefore I adopt a holistic approach to my work. I am trained in Subtle Energy and Reiki, and pay attention to the energetic state of the individual. The advantage of having been a generalist for so long, is that I have attended an above average number of courses over the years, and have a variety of tools at my disposal. I tend to be eclectic and combine various tools that really work for me.

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Monday – Friday :    9h30 – 13h30


Tel:                                  +27 (011) 783 9747

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Email address:          reception@gailwilliams.co.za


15 Camelia Street, Morningside Ext 40, 2196, Gauteng